About Us

We've been manufacturing confectionery for over 130 years and whilst we use traditional recipes for our much loved sweeties, are constantly looking at new products and flavours.

Ross's have been making quality confectionery since 1880. Select the links to find out more about our history and how our confectionery is made.

About Us

Our History

James Ross founded the company in 1880, by making tablet and other sweets in his back shop for direct sale to the public.

Since then, the company has been in the Ross family for 4 generations until Graham Ross's retirement in 2015. The company was then taken over by a local entreprenuer who had fond memories of the sweets and didn't want to see them disappear.

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How It's Made

The factory is busy all week producing our confectionery in the traditional methods.

The original ingredients are largely unchanged – Cane Sugar, Cream of Tartar, flavour and colour. The traditional flavours are also still used, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, Ginger and Vanilla. In the 60’s and 70’s Edinburgh Rock was made especially for the North American market flavoured with spearmint and coloured bright green.

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Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. If you are not satisfied with any product you receive, please contact us.