About Us

We've been manufacturing confectionery for over 130 years and whilst we use traditional recipes for our much loved sweeties, are constantly looking at new products and flavours.

Our History

James Ross founded the company in 1880, by making tablet and other sweets in the back shop for direct sale to the public. He was joined by his son, Andrew, in 1919.

On James’ retirement Ross’s stopped retailing and concentrated on manufacturing for sale to other retailers. Andrew’s son, James, joined him in 1948 and the fourth generation, Graham, joined in 1975 when production was moved to a new factory on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Throughout the years the family have created products which have become popular, many of which are still produced today.

19th century

The Discovery of Edinburgh Castle Rock

It is said that Edinburgh Rock was first “made” by Alexander Ferguson, known as “Sweetie Sandy”, in the 19th century when he found a tray of sweets, that had been left in a corner exposed to the air and gone soft and crumbly, tasted delicious and had the now characteristic texture of Edinburgh Rock.


Hard Boiled Sweets Created

During the Second World War, due to the rationing of sugar harder longer lasting boiled sweets took off. This was when Pan Drops were developed, along with our traditional hard boiled sweets.


Edinburgh Castle Rock Iconic Yellow & Tartan box

Ross’s had made small quantities of Edinburgh Rock for many years selling it loose in sticks and chips before the iconic yellow and tartan packaging was introduced for sale in the summer of 1947 to celebrate the first Edinburgh International Festival.The silhouette of Read More

1950 / 1960s

Ross’s Puff Candy

Dr James Ross, the founder's grandson joined the company in 1948 and continued to expand the business. Puff candy was introduced and becomes a top seller.

1960s / 1970s

Edinburgh Castle Rock Flavours

The traditional flavours are still used, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, Ginger and Vanilla but in the 60’s and 70’s Edinburgh Rock was made especially for the North American market flavoured with spearmint and coloured bright green.


Flavoured Creams

Creams were introduced by the fourth generation of Ross's, Graham Ross. Using similar ingredients to those used in Edinburgh Castle Rock, Graham created small flavoured creams in a distinctive pillow shape which are sold in jars, weigh outs or 100g prepack bags.

Present Day

New Flavours and Products

We are constantly expanding our range of confectionery and flavours. Recent additions to our Hard Rock Sticks have been our boozy range including Prosecco, Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada and Lager & Lime to name a few.