Ross’s Christmas Stocking

The mornings are dark, the weather is turning and the shops are filling up with all things red and green indicating the countdown to Christmas has started. And the elves at Ross’s have been busy creating the ideal gift for all sweetie lovers- Ross’s Christmas Stocking!


Ross’s Christmas Stocking is filled with Ross’s sweets for all the family. It includes:-

  • Edinburgh Castle Rock 100g bag
  • Mulled Wine flavour Creams 100g bag
  • Christmas Pudding Creams 100g bag
  • Iron Brew Creams 100g bag
  • Whisky flavoured Creams 100g bag
  • Cranberry Creams 100g bag
  • Champagne Creams 100g bag
  • a bar of Scottish Butter Tablet (95g)
  • a 4 stick Multipack of Prosecco flavour rock
  • a 4 stick Multipack of Gin & Tonic flavour rock
  • a 4 stick Multipack of Whisky flavour rock


Ross’s Christmas Stocking is available to buy on our website at for £19.99.


A perfect gift for family and friends with a sweet tooth

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